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two-dimensional code
intelligent self reset password storage cabinets
product description product specifications

material: the material thickness of 1.0mm; and by the shanghai baosteel or wisco high-quality cold-rolled steel sheet or profiles by pickling phosphating and electrostatic powder spray

the function, characteristics:

a, hardware description

(1) control circuit

(1) cpu:stc industrial embedded microprocessor. safe, reliable, fast processing speed.

(2) memory: atmel industrial grade storage device, the data storage capacity of up to 8k. to ensure the effective use of record storage security.

(3) open circuit: adopt the most advanced cpld technology, high safety, strong function. brand relays for the door controller than the triode is safe and reliable

(4): the bilateral infrared infrared detection, each door has three on the detection of light by. high precision, large range of.

(5) power: sealed plastic shell desktop adapter, the input voltage 110v-240v, 50-60hz. power supply is stable, safe and reliable.

liquid crystal display (2)

chen points format: 128x64; background color: blue; display color: black; working temperature: -10 ℃ - 50 ℃. blue white than the traditional yellow green background display effect is good, strong light.

(3) the keyboard

membrane keyboard, keypad convenient.

(4) card reader

tm card reading head, high reliability, good contact.

a, function introduction

(1) graph user interface, convenient operation, the administrator user.

(2) the big button "save" "take", convenient user operation.

(3) access voice prompt.

(4) support for 4 bit, 6 bit, 8 bit storing passwords, password user customizable.

(5) state display: main interface with 5 kinds of graphic display 5 states (not occupy no matter, no occupation of property, occupancy, occupying no matter, lock), to facilitate the management of maintenance operations.

(1) cases of full tip: if the locker all boxes are occupied, the user interface will prompt "box full", is convenient for the user to find the box.

(2) the lock, unlock: administrators can have problems or abnormal box lock. until the problem is resolved to unlock.

(3) (all) out of the box: the administrator can log management interface, open a door, or all the box door.

(4) (all) clear box: the administrator can take no matter use exceptions box clearance, the participation in distribution.

(5) using circular distribution box. to ensure the use of each box rate, improve the service life of the box.

(6) delay free extract: administrators can set delay free extract (unit: min), also can remove free extract. delay free extract in storage after how many minutes cannot extract, generally 2 to 3 minutes.

(7) storing timeout cannot extract: storage timeout user, per hour. if the storage than the timeout, the card can not open the door. lcd screen storing timeout, please contact the administrator.

(8), the administrator user exit: timeout in 10 seconds (customizable time) does not continue storage cabinets, the system will return the user interface. improve operational safety

(9) the tm management card password management interface, high level of security.

(10) remote control: the administrator in addition to the use of management tm card login management interface, can also be through wireless remote control operation using storage cabinets. remote control chip of each customer is not the same, the high level of security. and the operation of long distance, no direction, anti-interference is strong.

(11) management: management menu menu categories layout, turning the screen search, easy operation.

(12): record the query user access (300) (150) out of the box, the administrator, clear box (75) were recorded, and can log management interface query.

(13) operating tips: system has perfect operation to prompt the abnormal operation: the cases of full suspended storage, this box is locked, number wrong, wrong password, the password is too simple, please xx minutes and then extract, storing timeout please contact the administrator. easy to use.

a, use method:

storage: according to the "save" button, input password 2 times to open the door to add items to close the door

extract: according to "take" button, input box, enter the password to open the door to remove items, close the door

product number : dc-zsmm-24-021
product name: 24 intelligent password storage cabinets
external dimensions : w1620*d430*h1800mm
cell size : w285d430h285mm

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