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two-dimensional code
electronic password storage cabinets
product description product specifications

material: the material thickness of 1.0mm; and by the shanghai baosteel or wisco high-quality cold-rolled steel sheet or profiles by pickling phosphating and electrostatic powder spray

the function, characteristics:

rust proof, moisture-proof, anti-static

using avr microcontroller technology advanced, safe, reliable

password to open storage mode, greatly shorten the extract time, improve efficiency in the use of high speed, main control chip, power remained data

each cabinet corresponds to a password, the administrator can open all doors, forget the password can be used password to open the door

independent control cabinet door, through the password identification control automatically bounce

even if the off state, can also carry out doors opening through the backup power or special channel

the special structural design, the locking mechanism is arranged in the cabinet body, the open operation only by the micro main control chip control

the box door design beautiful, and durable

method of use:

storage: press the asterisk password -- according to the door -- put objects -- closed

extract: according to the cabinet number then press the password -- -- remove items -- closed door

product number : dc-dzmm-24-020
product name: 24 electronic password locker
external dimensions : w1620*d430*h1800mm
cell size : w285d430h285mm

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