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two-dimensional code
the intelligent ic card storage cabinets
product description product specifications

material: the material thickness of 1.0mm; and by the shanghai baosteel or wisco high-quality cold-rolled steel sheet or profiles by pickling phosphating and electrostatic powder spray


● user self-help deposit

● infrared detection items, no storage box can participate in distribution

● emergency (full) out of the box, emergency (full) clear box

● emergency emergency locking, unlocking

● emergency manual door opening

● box state query

● access story tone

● can be set free from

● special management ic card administrator interface

● record query


★ professional protection: rust, moisture-proof, anti-static.

★ one key operation: automatic access to customer one key operation, simple operation, fast, no personal care.

★ quality assurance: core components such as card reader, cpu, ic/id cards are imported famous brand, reliable and durable.

★ safety power: the use of high-quality desktop switching power supply, voltage range of 110 v -220v adaptive, safe and reliable than traditional switching power supply.

★ storage security: every box 3 on infrared barcode detection items, security has been stored belongings does not participate in the allocation and use of.

★ voice prompt: customer access has voice prompt, help users save from the right.

★ secure login: special management card password can enter the management model, parameter setting, the emergency door, query and other operations, greatly improving the safety of.

★ emergency treatment: the administrator can login interface management of lock, remove operation on the abnormal case.

★ circulating distribution: circular distribution box. to ensure the use of each box rate, improve the service life of the box.

★ box full of tips: if storage cabinets all boxes are occupied, the user interface will prompt "box full", is convenient for the user to store looking for box.

★ extract limit: administrators can set delay free extract (unit: min), also can remove free extract. delay free extract in storage after how many minutes cannot extract, generally 2 to 3 minutes. to prevent the customer just complete articles, and credit card out of the box, resulting from failure of card, goods are still in the box.

★ timeout exit: user, administrator in 10 seconds (customizable time) does not continue storage cabinets, the system will withdraw from the management interface to user interface. to improve the management of operation safety.

★ record storage: each locker to store recent 500 times operation record, query and classification. to facilitate the administrator to deal with abnormal event.

method of use:

a. flow ic/id card

storage: according to the "save" button to open the door, put objects card, and the door closing

extract: according to "take" the key card to open the door to take something out, and the door closing

b. fixed ic/id card

storage: credit card, open the door, put objects, close the door

extract: credit card, open the door to remove items, close the door

product number : dc-ykt-12-031
product name: the 12 door card
external dimensions : w800*d430*h1800mm
cell size : w285d430h285mm

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