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source:原创 editor:管理员 time:2014年04月22日 10:26

the eve of six one, minqing county in the second experimental primary school held the company donated a batch of new desks and chairs ceremony. our company total this year specifically to the investigation found that the primary school, primary school desk not the same height, color clutter, bumpy, dirty, then the total heart very sad, think now living conditions are good, we students should not use those old desks and chairs, decided to donate a number of new desks and chairs as the primary school, hope children can study hard to clean the desk.

a donor site with the county government forest deputy magistrate, secretary, bureau of education leadership, and more than 500 teachers and students

east business donations and a number of desks and chairs

lin, deputy magistrate (female, middle), general (left three) president (right)

at the donation ceremony, the majority of teachers and students as the experimental primary school in minqing county second to send sincere greetings, to more than 500 students a holiday blessing. and hope they cherish the love, cherish the time, study hard, make progress every day, with excellent performance to repay the society, to become a man of tremendous promise of national construction.

the donation of the county bureau of education leadership and recognition, in the future i companies in the development of their own enterprises also want to return to our society, for our construction of a harmonious society to contribute more than me.

eastern company mainly manufacturing, marketing a variety of steel wood office furniture. for example: cabinet, file cabinet, cabinets, shelves, password student desks and chairs, dormitory bed, tables and chairs and so on.