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from 1999 to 2002 in r & d, sales of taiwan rich guest of coin operated locker.

in 2003 april was formally established in shanghai ji wood industry co., ltd. in shanghai baoshan district, wholesale and retail all kinds of filing cabinets, lockers etc..

in 2008 december in fujian province fuzhou city cangshan district built 5 factories, independent production of the lockers, apartment bed and all kinds of office furniture, and established fuzhou meichuang metal products co., ltd..

in 2009, the production of intelligent bar code type locker, electronic password locker, intelligent self reset password locker, intelligent fingerprint locker, intelligent ic card locker, officially into the market, and the cooperation with the large companies, such as the waldorf shopping plaza co. ltd..

in 2010, september, fuzhou meichuang metal products co., ltd. was renamed the east chong (fujian) commercial equipment manufacturing co., ltd..

the development of overseas markets, products exported to japan, okinawa, nagoya.

in 2011, the establishment of r & d team, set the market various locker advantages of independent research and development.

set up the office and after sale service agencies in jiangxi, guangdong, fujian nanchang shenzhen quanzhou, xiamen, beijing, chengdu, sichuan.

in the minqing ban dong zhen film with 19800 square meters of construction, for the construction of the new workshop.

november, to participate in the thirteenth session of the international retail industry exhibition, in cooperation with the beijing hualian, lotus, tesco, lotte mart, weihai jiajiayue, a good new and other large retailers.

in 2012, march in shanghai xuhui district zhaojiabang road shanghai east and commercial equipment co., ltd..

the development of water projects, such as tianjin oct happy valley, your new world hot springs, changzhou dinosaur park.

development of school, library, hospital and other projects, such as: shanxi university, fudan university, shanghai university of finance and economics, university of medical sciences, hubei library, longhai library, pudong shanghai no. 6 people's hospital, yan chai hospital etc..

in september, moved to the new plant, increase production equipment. face recognition lockers mature market.

in november, fourteenth international retail industry exhibition, "the east" brand products have been covered all provinces, city, district, county.

in december, carrefour and cooperation.

in 2013, the successful development of intelligent electronic gun cabinet.

open up the european and american market